NFT Utility SuperSeed with Annual Hosting
NFT Utility SuperSeed with Annual Hosting
NFT Utility SuperSeed with Annual Hosting

NFT Utility SuperSeed with Annual Hosting

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HigherSelphy Website

HigherSelphy Facebook Goup 800k+ Members

Fans+Bands+Plans 2023


Team Up with HigherSelphy to Help Create a Pilot Project as a Fusion for the Function of the Future! Social Learning and Membership Marketing Powered by Positive Thoughts that Produce Positive Results. Fans, Bands and Plans begins with Florida First.


Each one of these Limited Edition NFT CONNECTABLES comes with a 360 Virtual Tour as an UnLockable Utility. This Feature Provides the Collector/Connector/Member with a 360 Virtual Tour of their Choice using 10 Photospheres in 360VR for their Tour.


All Terms and Conditions are built into the HigherSelphy LocalSmart Affiliate Contract under the Terms and Conditions of DropShop 360. Agreements are automated by the platform for Cross-Promotional Marketing of each Member's Platform/Website/App/Metaverse/Gallery via

Collector/Connector/Members may continue to receive Royalties for each new CONNECTABLE NFT that is ORDERED based on the Utility of Community and Social Center of Influence, or any Social Influence through a weekly Positive Thoughts cross-promotion on the HigherSelphy Facebook Group with 800k+ Members.


These Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Connectable Utilities will be minted as CryptoAssets on Each NFTeamate will Secure the First edition (#1 of 10) as a “Proof of Intent'' collaboration for the United-We-Stand 360 themed Virtual Road Tour. This Establishes a Reasonable Value for Consideration demonstrated by the Social Media Marketing Services and value proposition without Artificially Creating a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) based upon future promises. FaceValue 365 Ratings and Reviews for Every Transactions ensures that Integrity remains the common denominator for all Members. EachOne - ReachOne - TeachOne. NFTeamwork Makes the Dream Work and All Boats Rise at High Tide!


This Utility Serves the Collector/Connector/Member as a Virtual Tour Package and a Transmitting Utility. Each Member may receive Commissions based on the sale of other NFT CONNECTABLE UTILITIES from their Virtual Gallery and Social center of influence. All Members are entitled to PROMOTE their Art/Music/Story/Project/Merch once per week on the HigherSelphy Facebook Group using an ORIGINAL POSITIVE THOUGHT QUOTE and Non-Explicit Graphic Image. HigherSelphy will re-post the Submissions to 800k+ Members as part of the Social Learning and Marketing Utility Membership Feature.


United-We-Stand 360 with a Market Entry level to set the Social Media Marketing Membership proof of Intent model in place - Members retain the #1 Edition of 10  Limited Edition Connectable Utilities. HigherSelphy provides 360XR Edutainment, Virtual Training Modules, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style Navigation Features for Global Goodness. Collector/Connector/Members may Enter Themed contests and interactive Events using 360XR (Extended Reality - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Features) to assist with Social Media Marketing for Community Service Collaborations with the 9 remaining 360XR CONNECTABLE NFTs using this model.

  1. Collector/Connector/Members Secure an NFT of their Choice.

  1. Collector/Connector/Members UnLock the Utility for a custom 360VR Gallery with Hosting included as part of the HigherSelphy Connectable Membership. These Utilities include Embed links for use on their Platform/Website/App of choice.

  1. Collector/Connector/Members may submit Ten (10) 360 degree photospheres for the virtual tour build-out by the HigherSelphy Membership Team. Collector/Connector/Members may additionally LIST any Products/Services within their 360 virtual tour as a Virtual DropShop 360 Vendor Marketplace.

  1. Collector/Connector/Members will receive a One Year Hosting and Social Media Marketing Kit with a Brand Share Graphics Package. Custom NFT Story Tour Glasses will be Produced in video format, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for an Extended Reality (XR) Wearable Sharable Experience. Custom Embed Links for Web/Mobile/Platform/Metaverse/Social using Shareable custom branded QR Codes for Social Cross promotions and Sponsorship Opportunities.

  1. Collector/Connector/Members may upload once weekly NFT StoryTours with positive thoughts in support to HigherSelphy Facebook Group Admin to be Cross-Promoted around the world to 800,000+ Members on the HigherSelphy Facebook Group. Collector/Connector/Member 360XR virtual gallery embed links and any Product/Service links may be embedded within the Virtual Tour for Dynamic Social Networking (DSN) with FaceValue 365.

  1. The Community Service NFT Collaboration Creators (Fans+Bands+Plans) on each Project shall receive Royalties of 25% on every re-sale of said NFT CONNECTABLE as a Royalty. 10% of the Royalty shall go to the Charity of choice while the remainder will be automatically divided equally between the NFT Collaboration Creators using our Proprietary LocalSmart NFT StoryTour RoyaltyCard.

  1. The Community Service NFT Collaboration Creators (Fans+Bands+Plans) may receive additional royalties of 10% for ANY SALE OF PRODUCTS/SERVICES WITHIN THE VIRTUAL TOURS OF MEMBERS ELECTING TO CROSS-PROMOTE under the Terms and Conditions of the Social Media Marketing Membership Agreement (10% goes to their own Charity of choice while Fans+Bands+Plans will Receive the the remaining % as a Membership Marketing Service Fee for providing the 360XR Virtual Masterclass Training as a Model for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) required to Create and Host Virtual NFT StoryTours). Let us Make our Pivot for the Pandemic Today!


What is the Most Important Thing for You Right Now? Infuse Your HigherSelphy NFT StoryTours for Automated Transparency as a Community that Preserves your Legacy of Leadership for Generations to Come. Share Your Proof-of-Intent and Proof-of-Work as we help to Reverse the Polarity for Prosperity.

As of December 6, 2022, the following stats for the previous 60 days on Facebook Group "Higher Selphy" Engagement: 3,237,765 Views, 342,007 Reactions, 15,840 Comments on 1,287 Posts within 60 days.  Source: Facebook Analytics


“We are Captains, Not Pirates. We Take the High Road, Not the Low Road. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work and All Boats Rise at High Tide!”


This is not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme'' and there are no promises of profits or results.This is not an investment contract as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark case SEC v. W.J. Howey Co., 328 U.S. 293 (1946). We are preserving legacy leadership for Generations to Come using Positive Thoughts and Pearls of Wisdom for Generations to Come. This Platform and the HigherSelphy constellation of Website/WebApps/MobileApps forms the transmitting Utility for Sharing Positive Thoughts that Produce Positive Results Around the World. HigherSelphy was Founded by Actor/Broadcaster Justin Awn and has been performing this function for more than 13 consecutive years with the Intention of Balancing the toxic effects of Social media with Positive Thoughts for Mental Health Well Being. All membership is Organic. This Social Media Group has never been monetized. HigherSelphy does not sell ads, Securities, Financial Instruments or Currencies. The Sole purpose of HigherSelphy is to Provide the Utility of Community under the Principles of Gratitude, Empathy and Advocacy. This Community Service based Social Experience is to provide a Greater Voice and outlet for Positive Thoughts Advocacy as a means of supporting organic online traffic/engagement with HigherSelphy Group members while Contributing to Positive Mental Health. This is not a Multi-level marketing (MLM) company. This Project is not affiliated with Facebook, Meta or any other Company other than those expressly identified as Members or Collectors/Connectors/Members. HigherSelphy and it's membership are completely independent of any agency or government or Non-Government organization. All Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy is Provided at Any and all Collector/Connector/Member Inquiries and Media Communications may be emailed to: HireSelphy, LLC D/B/A HigherSelphy is a Pennsylvania Limited Liabilty Company located at: 1628 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1000, Philadelphia, PA 19103.